Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Holy Spirit

"It would take a great deal to grind me down into a belief in free will, because it is contrary to my whole experience. I know this, if the Lord had not first loved me, I never should have loved him. And if there is any good thing in me whatsoever, it must have been implanted there by the Holy Spirit."

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~K'sBitsOnLife~ said...

Free Will. One of two amazing gifts given to us from our God, our creator. The other being that we were created in his image, that He breathed life into us with his spirit. Love. Free will is a very important part of everything we are. We first have to run back to the basics, so to speak, and really think about what our soul purpose of being here on earth really is. What was God thinking? I believe, and there are many verses in the good book that would back it up, that God created us, so that we may love him with even a moment of his love. See, God the creator, Love, wanted to create for himself His children. Which in all reality, we are. Now, by giving us free will than he would be able to enjoy our love to a full measure, and that could only be achieved by surrendering over completely, leaving it all up to us. Now it is obvious that there are some people who choose not to love God. Some doubt his exhistance entirely, (yet they still continue to live there life with love at every turn...go figure)and think they've got it all figured out. The reality is that God is in each of us...that much has been made very clear. So what in ALL of us is the same. I mean everyone. Our love. Now God has given us that freely, he has poured it over everything he created. Then He steps back a bit, still watching, still hoping we make the right decisions, but he doesn't make them for us. He cannot violate our free will. We all have the ability to choose Him or refuse Him. It is so great that you 'choose' Him, but everyone must understand there are still many wandering in the dark of this world because they have not 'chosen' to walk with the light. We have to tell them the truth about God and Love, and about free will. Because life just doesn't make sense, and it ends up being just one big 'what are we here for' question all the time...and the truth is, it's easy. He wants to feel the love he has given each of us, in return. Our challenge? To also love others, but none greater than God. That includes our enemies, and I'm not talking about the "fuzzy" love. That would just be silly of God to ask that of us. Our intimate encounters with certain loves are only meant for one other, we have got to get ahold of it and realize that by really grasping that we are ALL God's children we are all made the same by our love, we can start loving that part about that human being. We can choose to look past all their faults, realizing that really that's all God job anyways. I know what my job is! I love Him! Hallelujah. God Bless. ;) I hope to hear back from you! Many Blessings!