Thursday, March 20, 2008


For only the few people who are protesting this war today I think that our troops would be much saferwithout these reports about protests. If you go to the protest sites Communism and socialism is this what your real ambitions lie? Every time the media shows protests Ham mas and Al-Qaida groups gain members and commit more jihads in the next month after each show of Demonstrations. You are effectively killing our troops.
Each time a protest is shown?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

News Media

The News Media
Media Moguls out there in the Magazines, Newspapers, Movies and Television are all about the bad in the world today. I think they are so unhappy that they need to make every one else miserable. Nothing is good or at least reported about. It is easy to take the negative side and not find good in anything. Today they even skew statistics, polls and views to their propaganda machine of hate and ignorance of reality.
Easter day they would rather report on a kid getting run over by a car hunting eggs than the kids enjoying the day with their families. The weather is even the bad weather not the good it just is not healthy. If you want to live a better life and be happy find other ways to use your precious time?
The finest gift you can give anyone is encouragement. Yet, almost no one gets the encouragement they need to grow to their full potential. If everyone received the encouragement they need to grow, the genius in most everyone would blossom and the world would produce abundance beyond the wildest dreams. We would have more than one Einstein, Edison, Schweitzer, Mother Teresa, Dr. Salk and other great minds in a century. Sidney Madwed, poet, philosopher, business consultant. Here are some good places
The Bible good news reports

Happy News

God news

Good news Iraq

Sunday, March 9, 2008

> When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session of the
> Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but
> this is what they
> heard:

> 'Heavenly Father,

> We come before you today
> To ask your forgiveness and
> To seek your direction and guidance.
> We know Your Word says,
> 'Woe to those who call evil good'
> But that is exactly what we have done.
> We have lost our spiritual equilibrium
> And reversed our values.
> We have exploited the poor and
> Called it the lottery.
> We have rewarded laziness
> And called it welfare.
> We have killed our unborn
> and called it choice.
> We have shot abortionists
> And called it justifiable.
> We have neglected to discipline
> Our children and called it
> Building self esteem.
> We have abused power
> And called it politics.
> We have coveted our neighbor's
> Possessions and called it ambition.
> We have polluted the air
> With profanity and
> Pornography and called it
> Freedom of speech and expression.
> We have ridiculed the time Honored values of our Forefathers and
> called it enlightenment.
> Search us, Oh, God, And know our hearts today; Cleanse us from every

> sin
> And set us free.
> Amen!'
> The response was immediate. A number of legislators walked Out
> during the prayer in protest.
> In 6 short weeks, Central Christian Church, where Rev. Wright is
> pastor, logged more than 5,000 phone calls with only 47 Of those
> calls responding negatively. The church is now receiving international

> requests for copies of this prayer from India , Africa and Korea
> Commentator Paul Harvey aired this prayer on his radio Program, 'The
Rest of the Story,' and received a larger response to this program
any other he has ever aired.
> With the Lord's help, may this prayer sweep over our Nation and
> wholeheartedly become our desire so that we again can be called 'one
nation under God.'
> If possible, please pass this prayer on to your friends 'If you
> don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.'
> Think about this: If you forward this prayer to everyone On your
> email list, in less than 30 days it would be heard by The world.
> How many people in your address book will not receive This
> you have the guts to pass it on?
> I just did!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


There’s good news from the graveyard this morning.
Good news that the tomb is empty.
Good news that Jesus rose from the dead.
Good news that the devil couldn’t hold him.
Good news that death has lost its sting.
Good news that the grave has lost its victory.
Good news that we need not fear death any more.

As far as I know my heart this morning, I am not afraid to die. Not because I am especially brave. For I am not. But I know what’s on the other side. My Lord has come back and told me what I can expect. I don’t have anything to worry about.

If you hear that I have died tonight, when you bury me, stick up a sign that says, “Temporary residence.” I’m coming back up. You can count on it. I say that without any sense of pride or boasting. For my resurrection does not depend on me.
It does not depend on my good deeds.
It does not depend on any merit in me at all.

It depends solely and wholly on my Lord Jesus Christ, who rose from the dead on Easter Sunday morning. He promised that if I would trust in him, someday I would rise with him. I’ve staked my entire life on that promise. If it’s not true, I have no other hope.

But it is true. That’s why I don’t plan on staying dead forever.
Don’t Look in the Graveyard
Good news from the graveyard? That’s a strange place for good news. But that’s what Easter is all about. If you’re looking for Jesus today, don’t look in the graveyard. He isn’t there. He left the graveyard 2,000 years ago and never went back.

The really good news is this … If you are looking for Jesus today, you can meet him right now. May I introduce you to him? His name is Jesus of Nazareth. He is the Son of God from heaven. God so loved you that he sent Jesus to die on the cross for you. He was buried in Joseph’s tomb. He rose from the dead on Easter Sunday morning. He paid for your sins so that if you believe in him you will never perish but have everlasting life.

Are you trusting the One who rose from the dead? Jesus is alive and standing with open arms inviting you to accept his offer of eternal life. The door to Heaven is wide open. I invite you to take a step of faith and allow Jesus to prove to you that he is alive. I extend to you a personal invitation to consider becoming a Christian: If your soul is hungry for something more than you have found, try Jesus. If Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart, make sure you open the door.

Each of us has an appointment with death sooner or later. But that is a cause for rejoicing—not for fear, provided we have put our trust in the One who holds the keys of life and death. Here is the final proof that death has been destroyed. When Jesus rose from the dead, he left the door to the tomb wide open. That means we won’t have to fight our way out of the grave when he calls us to wake up. He left the door open 2,000 years ago. That is God’s guarantee that even though we die, we won’t stay dead forever.

One final word and I am done. Perhaps you’ve seen the billboard with a picture of Jesus hanging on the cross. Underneath the picture are three words: “It’s your move.”

Jesus died on the cross. It’s your move now.
Jesus rose from the dead. It’s your move now.

God has answered our deepest questions with the simplicity of an empty tomb. On this happy Easter morning I declare to you that Jesus Christ is alive. My friend, what will you say to that? What difference does it make to you? Will you give him your heart and your life? Will you trust him as Lord and Savior?

It’s your move now.