Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Christmas Holiday

The Christmas Holiday: The
tree is up and the lights are on the house, buying presents for the kids,
filling out Christmas cards and making plans to see friends and family. Oh and
don¢t forget to see the Christmas lights and the great food!

But Christmas is more than
that. This is the season to remember our savior¢s birthday and to be thankful!
Be thankful to be alive and have good health. Be thankful for other¢s love,
support and sacrifices. Be thankful for a great God that we serve. Be thankful
Jesus is alive. He lives in each of us! Because He lives, we have hope!

Dear God,

I am your child and I want to please you. I am sorry when
I do wrong. God give me the mind and heart to turn from my ways and towards
you. God, forgive me for my arrogance, rebellion and pride. Without you I am
nothing. I am broken and I need you. Give me strength that I may endure. Lord I
ask for the desire to persevere and to keep going. Help me to not give up.

Lord, bring healing and
restoration to my soul and to my heart so that you may be glorified. Fill me
with your spirit. Lord direct my steps and remind me to guard my mouth and my
thoughts. Thank you God for the work you are doing in me to make me whole and
complete. Thank you for your peace.

You make me aware of my
brokenness. Lord, I know that with you, I am in a safe place. You are my joy
and my strength. I need you and want your healing so I can grow, and to bond
and connect with others with a healthy, loving heart.

Lord, you have me to
stand in the gap on the behalf of others. Lord you have called me to be your
servant. Thank you for choosing me. May I do what you want me to do and not
make it be about me. Teach me how to be a good friend and a good listener.
Teach me how to love.

Lord I thank you for your
gentleness, goodness and kindness. Your love is perfect and you accept me just
as I am. You loved me first and your love is constant. Teach me how to be like
you! Give me a heart to love you and your word. Give me a heart to worship you.
Thank you God for all that you do and all that you give. Thank you God for your
gifts, your favor and your promises.

Thank you Lord for making me your child and that I can
call you my Heavenly Father. Teach me to trust you and be faithful. Thank you
for the truth of your word that gives me knowledge and understanding of your
ways. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice, your invitation to live in me, and
your promise of everlasting life. Merry Christmas to you Jesus, my Lord, my
God, my everything.


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